Vote NO on prop 4 (2008)

I did some research into the effects of proposition 4. Here are the real numbers of how many mines (read: people/corporations) will be effected (shutdown) if proposition 4 passes.

The key number from my findings is that OVER 373 mines in Alaska would be shutdown within 5 years of this initiative becoming law, because required permits are only valid for 5 years or less.

Executive Summary: The mining shutdown initiatives would effect mines over 640 acres. For State Mining Claims there are 1134 persons with claims, 325 persons have over 640 acres; that is 28%. For State Offshore Permits or Leases there are 15 persons with leases or permits, 9 with over 640 acres; that is 60%. For State Mining Leases there are 86 persons with claims, 39 with over 640 acres, that is 45%. These numbers of effected persons are lower than the actual number, because the Initiative includes more acreage than those counted by the State data files used and use the ambiguous wording of “in combination with adjoining, related or concurrent mining activities or operations”.

I can provide a more detailed breakdown of the data, if requested.

This poorly written (or ingenuously deceptive) initiative would most likely shut down my operation once my permits expire in 3 years. I already have my operation reviewed by 16 government agencies, and get permits from all of them that require it. Since the area is over 640 acres (a very small number when talking mines), I am classified by the idiot initiative writers as a large-scale mine. Despite the fact that I only have two pieces of mining equipment and disturb less than an acre a year. The EPA, CoE, Coastal Management, and others among those 16 agencies already protect the water and fish; except they use science and informed processes to make their decisions, unlike the prop 4 people.