Andrew C. Lee

Becki and Andrew Lee, old west theme

Becki and Andrew Lee

Born in Alaska, I grew up in Eagle River, on land my dad’s family homesteaded in the 1950s. I attended public schools in the Anchorage school district, Ravenwood, Gruening, Chugiak. I participated in Cross Country Running and NJROTC. During high school I worked as a groundskeeper and janitor.

I attended college at the University of Alaska Fairbanks where I received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, 2002. During college I worked as a Community Service Officer with UAF Police Department (Student security guard); Resident Assistant and Assistant Resident Hall Director at UAF; and I interned at the Central Intelligence Agency as a Cooperative Education Student.

After college, despite very good job offers out of state, I stayed in Alaska and worked at the UAF-based DoD-funded Arctic Region Supercomputing Center in Fairbanks, Alaska; where my job was to help scientists use supercomputers. After four years, I started my own business, gold mining in the offshore waters near Nome, Alaska; where I have spent my summers until present.

I currently am residing in Eagle River, working summers in Nome.

See my IMDB listing here, from my appearances on Bering Sea Gold

I was the 2014 Alaska Libertarian Party nominee for Alaska Lt. Governor, and in the November Alaska general election placed second amongst party-affiliated candidates for that office.

My wife Becki is a certified middle school math teacher with a Masters in Teaching and an undergraduate in Accounting.

Fun Facts:

I was granted a top secret clearance on my 19th birthday and started working at the CIA five weeks later.

I have spent over a thousand hours underwater, all of it North of 64 degrees latitude.

I have been skydiving, with a Navy Seal strapped to my back, or rather, I was strapped to him.

I got my drivers license at 20 (delayed for economic reasons) and my first car, a Toyota Pruis, at 22. I have never owned a non-hybrid car or truck.

It’s been a long-standing dream of mine to vacation on the moon. (Yes, make fun of me for this, go ahead, I’m not embarrassed. You know you want to too.)

I know PI to over three places (closer to six!).

Due to chronic ear infections, I got tubes in my ears when I was in 5th grade.

I first learned to spell my name when I was three or four by typing the letters into the family computer. When I was in kindergarten, I spelt my name for my teacher: “A-N-D-R-E-W-Return.”

Even though I’m a computer nerd: I don’t, nor do I plan on ever doing WoW or D&D.

I used to be one of the smartest people I knew. Now I know a lot more smart people, and appreciate more different types of smartness.

For Halloween in 2008, I dressed up as Sarah Palin. My costume was fabulous.

People often mistake me for being shy, I’m just thinking.

I have run 5 marathons with a PR of 4:18. The Fairbanks Equinox 4 times.

I excel at all things, even my blood type is A+.