Andrew C. Lee for Alaska Lt. Governor Announcement

Andrew C. Lee files to run for Lt. Governor of Alaska. Nome, AK

Andrew C. Lee files to run for Lt. Governor of Alaska. Nome, AK

Alaska Friends: The morning of May 29th I put on my least grubby Carhartts, went down to the Nome elections office and filed my official paperwork to run for the Libertarian Party nomination for the office of Lt. Governor of the State of Alaska. Voter access and vote integrity are very important principles to me and are at the core of the duty entrusted to the Lt. Governor. My intense interest in and familiarity with science and technology make me well suited to fulfill the duties of Lt. Gov related to these fields. The technical and legal nuances of guarding the State seal sounds like fun to me; I promise not to take it clubbing.

I hold no illusions about my chances to win this election. If I do win, I will serve in the elected position to the fullest extent the office requires. I know some will mistakenly dismiss me as only trying to receive the 3% that State law requires every party to obtain in each Governor’s race to maintain the party’s ballot access for all seats in the next elections. They are wrong. I am running for the job, I am running to win. There are serious issues where the Libertarian perspective differs greatly from the other parties and would be better for Alaska and Alaskans; our voice needs to be heard.

I suspect that many of you may wonder if I am too liberal for this role, either as the Libertarian candidate or the elected Gov Lite of Alaska. Over the next few weeks I will be posting more statements to my blog on various topics which will help explain my viewpoint and thought process. You will have seen many of these comments before, either on social media or private conversations; I will be consolidating these into one place and expanding them for clarity. A link will be provided once I have made sufficient updates to the site.

A few brief points, which serve as part of the foundation of my views:

I value principle over popularity. I balance practicality and principle.

Some people just aren’t happy unless they’re controlling what someone else is doing. As a Libertarian I am the opposite, I am most unhappy when I am in charge of controlling what someone else is doing. I don’t want to use government to force others to conform to my personal positions.

We are a society of laws. Laws must be obeyed and enforced; if they are not worthy of either, then they must be repealed.

We need to keep all the promises that have been made, and we need to stop making unsustainable promises.

The Alaska State constitution requires that we spend the maximum amount on social programs and capital improvements that we can sustainably spend from royalty revenues derived from oil production and other resource development.

I ask first if a problem can be solved with more freedom instead of less. I say the truth as I see it as often as I can. I change my mind every time I see myself as being wrong.

I hope each of you will consider me when choosing how to vote, and decide for yourselves if I am good enough for your vote.

Andrew C. Lee
Libertarian Candidate for Lt. Governor of Alaska, 2014