Ad Critique: Surf Crawler/Off Shore Dredge with equipment

Here is a first year crew that looks like they overestimated the amount of gold they could get. Now they are overestimating the amount of money they can get for their homemade contraption. Word is that these guys were getting less gold than a good 6″ dredge with a skilled dredger, at 10 times the cost. At least they brought up some nice support equipment. Surf crawlers sound like a good idea, but very few places are good like Jess Creek, where the Christine Rose has been getting it’s gold. Most of those other places are restricted to after September 15 every year (fish streams); no one is going to make a million dollar operation pay in three to five weeks a year. People have a hard enough time making a $30k operation break even after two years, and that is when they don’t have to pay to operate on a lease. For this type of money I could go a long ways toward putting together a serious and successful operation, instead of trying to resurrect another person’s failure.

[NA] Surf Crawler/Off Shore Dredge with equipment
Wed Sep 4 08:53:18 AKDT 2013
Surf crawler/dredge for sale with John Deere excavator has only 5800 hours
on it. Water pump and hydraulic pump only have 250 hours on each along with
a gold watch project sluice with three trays on it. Sits 10 feet tall with
ability to track into water up to that depth. Also included would be two
containers one 20 ft and one 40 ft as well as a 2005 polaris ranger with
4×4, 1984 lifted suburban with 4×4, an ambulance (4×4) with everything
working including power inverter and lincoln welder in the back of it.
Includes wide assortment of tools, parts, and fittings, including a
hydraulic line maker, air compressor, one 130 gal fuel tank, one 180 gal
fuel tank (on machine for fuel ups), clean out tubs, spiral separator gold
wheel and trammel. Asking $900,000 OBO