A Lot of Gas

Forty years! Forty years! Alaskans have been talking about a “gas pipeline” for over four decades. Over one billion dollars has been spent talking about this.

There will be no gas pipeline. Get over it.

I want there to be a gas pipeline. Alaskans would greatly benefit from a gas pipeline. Every Alaskan governor for the past 40 years has wanted a gas pipeline, some more than others. This is not a problem that the office of the Governor or Lt. Governor can solve.

New, cheap, local gas has been discovered all across America, with supplies to last them many decades. It makes no sense to export the gas to or through Canada. It’s extremely expensive to export it to Asia. Fairbanks area communities would greatly benefit from inexpensive gas, but there is a large amount of infrastructure that would need to be put in place to make it happen, and would there be enough usage to justify the capital cost? What is the ROI for a Fairbanks-only plan?

It may prove too hard to relieve ourselves of this stranded gas problem.

As with all things, I am open to being proven wrong. If I were an elected official, I will work really, really hard to make a gas pipeline a reality for all Alaskans. I promise.